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This story has all the workings of a brave woman who set out to spend time with people from Equador. Virginia is the grandmother to my wife, Andrea Giancoli, and the mother to Andrea's mom, Teresa Urrutia. This film ensures to capture the beauty of the Andes, the determination of a loving/caring woman, and the companionship of local taxi cab driver.




Executive Producers

Jim Whelehan

Andrea Giancoli

Teresa Urrutia






Jim Whelehan


Director of Photography



Written By

Virginia Urrutia






Virginia learned the joys of cycling as a young girl when her uncle insisted that she not go for speed on her bike, but to instead move slowly and stop and observe the vestiges of past floods, earthquakes, and to enjoy the countryside. At age 70, Virginia took this dream to the pinnacle of her life - the Andes of Equador.


Virginia hired a "support vehicle" (a taxicab and driver - guide, translator, and bodyguard). Sr. Angel Godoy, age 35 and the sole support of a wife and 5 children, and seemed like an unlikely pair. However, they pedaled and taxied all over the Andes, navigating the backroads, searching out for people and food in the remote villages, and took part in local celebrations. What they did learn, were the similarities and differences in each others cultures, countries and customs




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