On the Outside




Short Film




Executive Producers

Jim Whelehan

Christopher Forsyth


Brad Tucker


Steven Berger

Consulting Director

James Gray

Director of Photography

Aashish Gandhi

Written By

Steven Berger


Steven Berger



This is a story about Ethan, a convicted criminal who has just been released from jail after serving 4 years of a 15 year sentence for grand larceny and possession. He was part of a crime ring smuggling stolen cars through the port of Los Angeles and onto Asian countries and worked with several unsavory characters in their hometown of San Pedro. While serving hard time in federal prison, Ethan became a changed man and decided to cut ties with the crime ring he once was an integral part of and volunteers information which will allow the port authority to slowly shut down the crime ring. But Ethan feels empty inside, soul-less, unsure of how he fits into the world he once was such a part of.

Ethan returns home to his father's auto salvage junk shop and his younger brother, Darren. Ethan and Darren were close, and quickly they reconnect. They live together in a small trailer park in San Pedro. Ethan soon realizes that the world has changed without him; his father's shop his going under, Darren's grown up and just proposed to Ethan’s ex-girlfriend Rachel, his father is dying of Lung cancer, and the town (San Pedro/Wilmington) seems to have a very different feel in what seemed to be such a short time. The twists and turns will surprise everyone in the end.


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Christopher Forsyth


Corey Sorenson


Deborah Ramaglia


Melina Lizette







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