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Hott Damned



Short Film




Executive Producer

Jim Whelehan


Ryan Isreal


Birgit Doll


Joseph Brad Kluge

Director of Photography

Ryan Isreal

Written By

Ryan Isreal


Ryan Isreal




Chicago - present day, Mrs. Jones a 50-year-old African American woman welcomes in Monique and Melissa.  Soon after they sit, Mrs. Jones tells them about her 16-year-old granddaughter Precious who became pregnant by her 19-year-old drug dealing boyfriend Calvin.  Next Mrs. Jones reveals that Calvin was killed before the baby was born.  Monique reveals that she is a sort of Ghostbusters / exorcist and questioning Mrs. Jones about why she was called there.  Reluctantly Mrs. Jones admits that Calvin has returned from the dead and is now sitting in the back room with Precious and her baby.  Melissa, speaking for the first time, informs Mrs. Jones that they are in great danger, and they must find a way to get Calvin out of the house before he completely turns into a Zombie and kills everyone.....

Now she must find her way back into God’s light if she ever wants to regain her soul....


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