Waking Gerd


A grief-­stricken, highly aquaphobic woman races to get her new­found, mentally handicapped brother to the ocean before time runs out.




Chris Forsyth

Executive Producer

Jim Whelehan

Executive Producer

Randy Johnson


Noelle Hubbell

Director of Photography

Sing Howe Yam

Written By

Chris Forsyth




WAKING GERD is a tragic, yet heartwarming dramedy. It's the story of a broken, dysfunctional, highly aquaphobic woman who, after losing everything meaningful in her life, finds new beginnings in the least likely place – a severely mentally challenged, terminally ill brother she never knew she had. Suffering from depression, she only becomes aware of her brothers existence when she is contacted as his only viable next of kin available to make end of life decisions for him. Upon meeting him for the first time, it is revealed that he's never been taken outside the institution he's been living in for his entire life. She discovers that he loves music, something they share, her being a composer. He also loves water, and is obsessed with watching videos of oceans and waterfalls. She decides to take him on one last journey to see the ocean before he dies, but because of his condition it becomes a race against time, and a battle against her seemingly insurmountable phobia of water.












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